Getting Your Ex Back Made Easy – Make Sure That Your Ex Knows Your Worth!

Essentially you have two goals to achieve. One is of course to get your ex back but to add permanence to the future of this relationship you also need to make sure that your ex realizes your worth and never attempts to desert you again. This might seem a bit tough in the beginning, but you can accomplish both the goals provide you apply some strategic thinking Your value is based

First of all appreciate that chasing is an attractive game BEFORE the relationship begins and not AFTER a break up. The feeling of regret that you want your ex to perceive ought to come from within, and not by any action that you take.

Repeated calls to your ex would send out a couple of mixed messages: feelings of guilt for leaving such a ‘poor’ soul like you; you are truly desperate. Unfortunately these feeling do not evoke any love or respect for you

A better and more hard-hitting strategy is to give the signal that you are doing perfectly fine after the breakup. Do this by simply evaporating from his or her life. Your silence is eerie, to say the least. No calls, no messages, and no attempts to catch up – you are nowhere to be seen or heard from. Carry on with life to the best of your ability. After all, life is beautiful, if you know how to enjoy it.

From the moment that your ex finds that you might have moved on, the first feelings of regret start to dig roots in the mind. Several questions crop up – was the decision too hasty? Were the words too rude? And so on. The more you stay away, the more haunting the thoughts get and soon enough, the roles are reversed! Your ex is chasing you. You have not only managed to get your ex back, but have also made a couple of points very clear in the process.

Do you think you need a miracle to get your ex back?

Actually, it isn’t as impossible as you might think but how you approach the situation will determine your fate. It’s easy to become your own worst enemy when you put too much pressure on yourself and make desperate attempts to reunite with your ex.

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